Monday, June 20, 2011

Paper flowers and hot glue to the rescue!!

Last week, my beautiful baby girl attended her school's 5th grade promotion ceremony.  Now, I think it is a bit ridiculous to have a "graduation" at the 5th grade, but it is a big deal at the school, and all the students look forward to it.  Two hours before the ceremony, Allie asked me if we could get a new headband to match her new dress.  She wanted a style that is all the rage right know, the one with the big, HUGE flower on the side?  While I understood her desire to accessorize,  I said no, for two reasons...1.) I didn't want to spend the money, because I know she'd never wear it again, and 2.) We didn't have the time to run in to Target, get back home, and still have time to eat dinner.  I asked her if I could try to make one for her, and bless her little soul, she said sure. So I pulled out my handy-dandy CTMH paper flowers, a sponge, and my black ink pad, and went to work. 

I started with 4 Just Blooms White Daisy paper flowers (I know, I know, the picture only shows 2... ). I love these flowers, because they can be inked, sprayed, stamped on, and whatever else you can think of to do to paper. 

I inked up the flowers with regular ole Black ink.  I didn't worry too much about the middle of two of them, because I knew that part would be covered.

I layered them together, and stuck a pearl brad from Creative Imaginations through the center. I used the prongs of the brad to wrap the flower around a headband we already had, and used a hot glue gun to make sure it stayed put.

Here is the finished product.  Allie was very happy with it, and I think I probably saved myself about $12 bucks!  Even better, the whole thing probably took me less than 5 minutes.  I think it took longer to heat up the glue gun than it did to put the flower togther.

And here's a picture of my baby girl.  Can't believe she'll be a middle-schooler next year! 

Thanks for looking!

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