Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have you received your FREE Studio J jpeg yet??????

For the month of June, Close To My Heart has been offering a Free jpeg from Studio J.  I think most of you know by now what Studio J is, but many of you may not know just how FUN it is to use!!!!!  I admit, I had to be pulled kicking and screaming into the realm of digital scrapbooking, but once I was educated on how easy it is to use, I discovered that it really is a lot of fun!!!  I can be just as creative making my pages as I can with traditional scrapbooking.  Here are some of the benefits I've found to using Studio J to make my scrapbooks pages:

1).  My absolute-hands-down-favorite reason is that you can change the color of your papers, EVEN the patterned paper!!!  This means that I can match colors to whatever pictures I have, using the papers I love. 

2.) You never run out of embellishments in the middle of a project.  Just click the little button, and you've got what you need!  You can also change the color of the embellishments.

3.) Pictures can be edited in Studio J....enlarge them, crop them, make them black & white, or sepia.  No more printing pictures, only to find you want a different size.

4.) It's sooooo easy to journal (something I often neglect to go back and finish in my 3-D layouts....).  Just add the journal box, pick your font, and you're done!

5.)  It's portable.  Bring your laptop anywhere there is Wi-Fi, and you're good to go!  Imagine sitting on your porch, enjoying the morning air, and a cup of java, while working on your scrapbooks......ahhhh......

6.)  NO MESS to clean up!  (This one would run a close second to my favorite benefit!).

7.)  Members can purchase the layout in JPEG form, meaning it can uploaded to blogs, Facebook, sent by email, or even printed in a size other than 12x12.

8.) Close To My Heart prints the layouts with fantastic quality.  In fact, it is often hard to spot the difference between a Studio J layout, and a regular layout in an album, unless you are right up close to it. 

Here is what I created this month, using my FREE jpeg.  I love, love, love the fact that this layout was DONE less than 3 days after the event.  That NEVER happens when I do a traditional scrapbook page.  :-)  For privacy issues, I've blurred out some information on the layout.  Just wanted you to know it looks that way on purpose!    :-)  The layout is on a Colonial White base, so I apologize that it blends in to the background here.....

If you'd like to play around with Studio J, it is always free to try it.  Just go to my website, click on Studio J, and either enter as a guest, or create a free account.  You can create your page, and download the JPEG for free until June 30th.  Contact me if you'd like a free tutoring session.  I can't wait to show you all the tricks of the trade!!  :-)

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